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So you want to make games huh?

Game Maker is a great way to start. It's a free game creation program for anyone of with or without a background in programming. Game maker has been recently replaced by Game Maker: Studio, but Game Maker 8.1  is still an excellent tool in making games. GM specializes in 2D games such as platformers, top-down games, puzzle games, and others. But there is a 3D portion of GM as well that is only usable in the paid GM Standard. I will not be covering this, or any portion of GM Standard.

So where do I get it?

The original versions of Game Maker have been discontinued, but you can still download Game Maker 8.1 for Windows and Mac here.


#1 - Everything you need to know to get started in Game Maker 8.1

#2 - Creating and using variables

#3 - Collisions and masks (TBA)

#4 - Parents, childs, and persistence (TBA)

#5 - Alarms and time lines (TBA)

#6 - Spriting (TBA)

#7 - Drawing (TBA)

#8 - Randomization and other misc. things (TBA)